post-concussion CARE tips & tools

*Compiled by an experienced amateur with “post-concussive syndrome “ …and a lot of prayer!*

CARE tips…

The GREAT News…YOU CAN HEAL FROM THIS!!  The sooner you take action …the more you will heal!

    • Don’t waste your brain ENERGY on lights!
      • the more light = more work your brain does (80% of your brain’s intake comes through your vision…your brain is working hard even if you are just sitting there)
      • wear a HAT…so that the extra rays (or florescent lights) don’t creep into your eyes
        • big brim for high rays in the summer
        • shorter, surrounding brim for lower, winter rays
      • sunglasses for outdoor lighting
        • darkest tint possible
      • sunglasses for indoor lighting
        • lighter tint
      • change to softer lighting at your work space:
        • shut-off ceiling lights & have a low-watt lamp instead
        • adjust the brightness on your computer screen
    •  Don’t waste your brain ENERGY on sounds!
      • start noticing situations where you pay more attention to the sounds around you than the conversation in front of you…at this juncture, wear ear plugs or leave!
        • with ear plugs, you will be able to hear the person in front of you
        • ear plugs will soften or deaden unnecessary sound that is exhausting you
        • in a particularly noisy setting that I cannot avoid, I add noise resistant headphones on top of the ear plugs
        • avoid echoing places & settings of multiple conversations
    •  Take a “Brain-BREAK” x 2 each day…even if you don’t think you need it!
      • this IS NoT a lunch break!!
      • this break is a ‘break-away’ from the most stimuli possible…preferably:
        • all lights off  (mask or a dark room)
        • all sound off (ear plugs)
        • 20-30 minutes 2/day
        • this WILL be key to regaining your momentum for the next portion of your day
        • take additional breaks immediately when symptoms begin…this should stop the symptoms and/or make them not as severe
    • PACE everything more evenly…
      • try not to over plan
      • try not to rush anywhere
    •  SLEEP with a mask:
      • your eyelids have the thinnest skin on your body…therefore closing them does NOT mean that the lights are blocked from your brain taking in continuous stimuli.
        • you will gain more restorative ground if the mask blocks any light from taxing your eyes (even the green charging light from your electronics by your bed can affect you).
        • use a mask during your brain-break too!
    •  SLEEP more
      • this is the only way to give the brain maximum rest = maximum healing!
    • EMOTiONS
      • any emotion beyond even keel…  happy, sad, mad, or excited …can set-off symptoms
      • take a Brain-Break after an emotionally high or low situation
    •  Quiet time and PRAYER are essential nutrients to your healing!
      • Psalm 46:10  “Be still and know that I am God.”
        • start  each morning with quiet time with God…to get your ‘head right’ for the day
        • use those brain-breaks for prayer…maybe God wants you quiet so you can hear Him? 🙂

CARE tools…

Here are some of the above mentioned items that I have found to work best. I am NOT affiliated with any company and I do NOT receive any commission. I just want you to be able to cut to the chase and not waste your time on trial and error of items when I can give you a place to start! Hope this helps…

  1. Ear Plugs:
    1. at Walmart…I have tried them all…these are my best (purple version):
    2. or for a more durable/non disposable kind try:
  2. Noise resistant (safety) headphones
    1. Purchase at Scheels, Fleet Farm (any sporting goods store)
    2. null for example
    3. BEATS earbuds are BY FAR the best and TRULY most NOISE CANCELLING option I have found. They can be purchased at Costco or Amazon for under $150.
  3. Mask: (all black is most effective)
    1. Purchase at odd places: Claire’s, Dept. Stores, Target, online.
    2. Favorite one was purchased at Target in the travel section (by TravelSmart)
      1. If the mask is too tight and it presses on your eyes…this will hinder your vision the next day and is not good for your eyes. In this case, cut the elastic and sew a piece of material in the gap according to a comfortable fit for you.
      2. Can purchase an adjustable one on
  4. Medical ID Bracelet:  help identify your medical needs... buy at Handmade by HeroesEngraved Stainless Steel TBI Medical ID Paracord Bracelet
  5. Hats:
    1. Purchase at:
      1. Dollar General, Herberger’s, Macy’s, Fun Sister’s of Minnesota (lots of options at fair prices),  Scheels, Target…
    2. A HAT with a surrounding brim is best rather than just a ball cap. Examples:
    3. null OKAY brim…because it surrounds the temples
    4. nullEXCELLENT brim because it shades from the sun where sunglasses cannot cover.

Who knows… we may start a new fashion one day!??  🙂  Even though this is frustrating and life changing, remember that God has a purpose in everything and that HE is enough…

“Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life;  whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.”     ~John 6:35 

*This document is the sole property of L. Marie Drake © 2017.  Permission granted for printing copies of this page on the basis they are not used for personal profit or any financial gain. Thank you.*