bbd = bad brain days… too much has been going on for my brain to get the rest it needs and be able to focus on our weekly Wednesday post at the same time (so weird…when I used to be able to accomplish 10 x what I can now?!?!?).  Sorry, there will not be a post today.  See you NEXT Wednesday!

Thanks for following us on tripping UP the DOWN escalator!  

Maybe this week is a good chance to explore another section of our website??  Check out the ‘encouraging words’ black subheading in U R NOT alone!  Here you will find a selection of YouTube videos that I find really uplifting…

“Be still and know that I am God.”   Psalm 46:10

*This document is the sole property of L. Marie Drake © 2017.  Permission granted for printing copies of this page on the basis they are not used for personal profit or any financial gain. Thank you.*

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