all out of options

This illness can make one feel trapped inside one’s own body.  It can be crippling.  It can be devastating.  Statistically, people who suffer a TBI are more likely to have suicidal tendencies.**  I believe it is due to the brain feeling trapped and unable to function normally  (now don’t you be that statistic!).  You can do this… there are ways to survive.  U R NOT Alone

It can also be devastating because this concussion stuff has ‘rocked our world’ to the point where we are  no longer recognizable.  I often describe my life as it having taken a 180 degree turn when the injury occurred.  All that I must now be as a person is the exact opposite of what I had known me to be for 44 years, pre-injury.

So, when I have a day when I cannot recognize me… and I cannot accept my circumstances… yet I cannot change a thing… and everyone is talking too fast or too loud… and I can’t find my other shoe… and the dogs need to go out but I just need to go to bed… and I started something, was it laundry?  No… was it an email?  No…

stopsign4  (just stop!) 

When I just need to STOP but don’t want to ‘give up’, I have a little trick that helps me to know that I existed for a reason today… but I do need to STOP everything.                   Everything…                                        and ‘hibernate’ until this ‘brain spell’ subsides.  After these four accomplishments below, I find that I can safely let go of the day and just cater to my injury… not feel like a failure… leave the laundry… eat a snack bar instead of a meal…. go barefoot…

…so before I crash I give this a go to give me some purpose to the day.  Please try it and believe that the LORD has a purpose for each of your days:

  1. Read & write any Bible verse on a piece of paper… keep it near… keep rereading it.
  2. Do one easy task for someone else.
  3. Do one easy task for myself.
  4. Let go… be done with my goals for the day… crash… rest ….sleep.

A fellow concussion survivor shares a FUN, survivor-community-building, long-term solution… get your phone ready to download her free APP!

TBI survivor

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will hear you. You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.”   

Jeremiah 29:11-13


[Note that I have only cited a small amount of research on this topic… there is a lot more out there!]
*This document is the sole property of L. Marie Drake © 2017.  Permission granted for printing copies of this page on the basis they are not used for personal profit or any financial gain. Thank you.*

2 thoughts on “all out of options

  1. It is always interesting to read a person’s journey and start to reflect on your own journey. I have tried to put the techniques that you speak of in my way of life to help me from becoming overwhelmed and I don’t have TBI. I just am living what people would call “normal” life. So THANK YOU for sharing and helping!


  2. Sweet Peggy… we are so glad that this experience can help beyond the world of TBI!!! We believe that is the entire point of the website… glad you already get “the punchline!” We appreciate YOU sharing!


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